• Light breakers for service jobs and general


• Solid Body concept
• Noise-reduction
• HAPS™ Hand and Arm ProtectionSystem (PE series)
• SOFSTART™ two-step trigger
• Rotating air inlet swivel
• Integrated lubricator
• Air cushioned piston


Pneumatic breakers  RTEX 15
Weight  (kg) 17
Length  (mm) 674
Air consumption  (l/s) 15,4
Impact rate  (blows/min) 936
Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10) 1)  (m/s²) 4,6
Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 1) Lw, dB(A) 106
Sound pressure level (ISO 11203) 1) (Lp, r=1m) 83
Shank size Hex  (mm) 25 X 108
Part number 8461 0115 10


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