06 March 2024

Galadari Energy solutions participation in the Big5 Saudi Construct

Galadari Energy Solutions (GES) made its first participation at the Big 5 Saudi Construct exhibition, marking a remarkable presence as it showcased its generators in the event, held in the vibrant city of Riyadh, witnessed a dynamic synergy of innovation and collaboration that left an unforgettable mark on the construction and infrastructure industry.

GES unveiled a range of high-performance generators tailored to meet the diverse energy requirements of construction projects. From reliable power supply to environmentally conscious solutions, while using Baudouin’s engines.

Riyadh’s dynamic business landscape provided an ideal backdrop for this showcase, where deals were sealed, and valuable connections were established. The atmosphere was electric as the generators powered by Baudouin engines demonstrated their efficiency, making a compelling case for GES as a leading player in the power generation sector.

The entire GES team played a pivotal role in creating a magnificent experience for attendees and enthusiasm were evident, creating a welcoming and engaging environment for all attendees. From technical demonstrations to insightful discussions, the team showcased not just their products but also a commitment to customer satisfaction and industry leadership.

“Participating in Big 5 Saudi Construct with our generators was an exciting experience for GES. The event provided a platform to highlight the efficiency and reliability of our solutions tailored to the unique demands of the construction industry,” stated the General Manager, GES, Bilal Hazza

The utilization of Baudouin engines in GES generators underscored the commitment to delivering top-notch performance and reliability. The success of the event not only solidified GES’s position in the sector but also emphasized the crucial role that Baudouin engines play in enhancing the capabilities of power generation solutions.

About Galadari Energy Solutions

Galadari Energy Solutions is a flagship subsidiary of Galadari Brothers, and the leading provider of air compressors, marine engines, lighting towers, and custom-built diesel generators. We are the authorized distributors of a number of leading international brands: Komatsu, Atlas Copco, and Baudouin. Focusing our efforts on being a solutions provider, GES has built a reputation for outstanding service & aftersales support.