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13 Dec 2022

atlas copco air compressor PACE technology Increase the versatility of your compressors

It takes PACE to win the race PACE – the electronic regulation system that allows you to set the pressure on your mobile compressor. So you need only 1 compressor instead of 3.

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13 Dec 2022

Baudouin | reveal regulation-busting marine scr systems on advanced engines

Galadari Energy Solutions provides regulation-busting SCR systems for advanced engines and emissions control systems

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03 Nov 2022

LAUNCH OF the Baudouin 6F21 marine engine

Galadari Energy Solutions is bringing to the UAE's marine markets the new 6F21.
This is the most compact marine engine in Badouin history, with power density never seen before.

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26 Oct 2022

7 questions rental companies should ask before buying a new mobile compressor

Do you run your own equipment rental company and have to decide on which compressor to take in your fleet? Or perhaps you’re often relying on rental equipment to run your own business and you want to know what to look out for. These are 7 questions will help you to choose the next compressor for your rental fleet.

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10 Aug 2022


Air compressor maintenance has been a crucial area for industries since the industrial revolution.

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08 Aug 2022


For ages being heard and seen have been the common way to survive and evolve. It remains valid in the wild. In some habitats, however, that seems to have changed.

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